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Forex Trading Signals Sources
The European Central Bank, Frankfurt, Germany.  The EZB Tower, European Central Bank building, and the  Euro symbol in-front in Frankfurt.  The bank's decisions on lowering or raising the prime rate in the European Union affect the value of the Euro directly on foreign exchange markets.
Glass Dome Architecture Of The German Parliament 'Reichstag' in Berlin. Germany.
There are several sources where a foreign exchange trader can obtain forex trading signals from.  The forex trader him/herself is one source if he/she build, test, and implement a forex trading system.  Almost all trading platforms offer technical studies that can be used as tools in making trading decisions.  A trader can use one or more of these studies to build a trading system.  An example is a moving average trading system.

Another source is trading programs written and marketed by specialized software companies.
These firms advertise their products in financial and future markets magazines like Futures magazine (futuresmag.com), Stocks & Commodities magazine, and also through trading platforms / firms / brokers.  
Many online forex trading platforms and fx trading firms are offering auto trading (auto forex system trading) whereby a client selects a trading software to trade his/her currency account (forex software trading).  FXCM.com is one such firm.
Futures Truth magazine at FuturesTruth.com tests the performance of many of the currency futures and forex trading software written and offered by firms and individuals. In addition to test results, the magazine provides their contact information.
Other sources for currency trading signals are Web sites as well as market analysis newsletters e-mailed or mailed to subscribers.
Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Deutsche Borse, Frankfurt, Germany.  Stock prices represented by the exchange's DAX index is a barometer of how well the German, European, and World economies are doing.  Germany is the largest member in the European Union and a major exporter in the World.  Stocks of international brand name companies like Mercedes-Benz, Bayer, Volkswagon, and Deutche Bank are traded on the exchange.
The European Parliament in Strasbourg, France.  Legistlations passed by the parliament affect social, economic, and political life in European Union member countries.